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Kumbaya Capitol

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jan• 13•11

An outstanding idea out of Colorado Democrat Mark Udall. The two-term senator is proposing that Republicans and Democrats sit together at this year’s State of the Union Address (Jan. 25th. ) Not side-by-side together, but intermingled – all mixed up as one.

Kumbaya appeal aside, this could be the greatest advancement for State-of-the-Union viewing since The Clapper.

Let’s face it, the President’s annual address has become torturous to watch – a mix between the Academy Awards and a tennis match, with Eliot Engel starring as Where’s Waldo? thrown in at the end (he and Rep. Sheila Jackson are landmarks on the autograph line.)

Imagine how quickly it could all go, and how genuinely interesting it could be, if we could watch the President deliver his speech uninterrupted by four or five dozen standing ovations and wide shots of Charlie Rangel sleeping and John Boehner crying.

Interspersed or not, though, the standing ovations will likely continue, regardless of where our elected representatives sit.  But it’s still worth trying.

Maybe The President could utter six simple words at outset:

“Please hold your applause ‘til the end.”

Now that would be something.

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