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Headlines, Feb. 22, 2011

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Feb• 22•11

It’s a wonder we survived the day…


Four Americans on hijacked yacht dead off Somalia

Cell Phones Increase Brain Activity, Stirs Cancer Fears…

Home Prices Hit Post-Bust Lows in Major Cities

WAL-MART sales woes deepen

Michigan orders Detroit to close half of public schools

Political Fight Over Unions Escalates

WI Governor warns of layoffs…

Two-Thirds of WI 8th Graders Can’t Read Proficiently

Christchurch Crumbles: Deadly quake rocks New Zealand

REPORT: Gaddafi orders sabotage of oil facilities

White House: Nothing to say on Libya

Witnesses report bodies in streets

Oil industry worries unrest could spread

Medvedev sees ‘fires for decades’ in Arab world

SHOPPING: Abu Dhabi arms fair: Tanks, guns, teargas

Man lunges toward ‘TODAY’ hosts during live broadcast…

This Goes Far Beyond Wisconsin

Chaos Grows in Libya as Gaddafi Vows to Fight

Obama’s Problematic Mideast Messages

Is the Benefits Bubble Bursting?

At Grave Risk

Reckless Spending

Will Gaddafi Sabotage Oil and Sow Chaos?

Libya Exposes Impotence of the West

Europe’s Reform May Come at High Price

Asia’s Opium Resurgence

Arab World Heading to 1848 Redux?

Beware Revolution in the Muslim World

European Free Speech Under Attack

The West’s Middle East Pillars of Sand

Yemen May Be Next to Fall

Russia, China Arms Sales Flood Latin America

Conflict Looms Over U.S. Military in Australia

Will Revolutions Strike Asia?

Egypt’s Military Can’t Govern

Can Pakistan’s Government Be Toppled?

China Destabilizing the Global Economy

World Risks Losing a Generation

The Next Oil Crisis Will Be Worse

Why China Studies Bismark

Obama’s Diplomatic Blunder With Israel

A Powder Keg in South Asia

Milan Airport Terminal Evacuated

Over 50 Dead In Mexico Gun Battles

Villagers Flee Philippines

Oil, Stocks Slip On Libya Unrest

Wall St extends losses on Libyan turmoil

Mideast Unrest Cripples Foreign Investment

A New Food Crisis Is On Our Plates

Inflation Predictions: The U.S. Is a Late Riser

Housing May Crush Recovery and Obama

Why We Still Can’t Prevent Flash Crashes

America’s Day of Reckoning Draws Ever Closer

Earthquake Is Brewing In US Economic History

The 2011 Market Crash Will Hit by Christmas

Oil Price Shock: Pandora’s Box Is Opened

Political Unrest and the Impact on Libya’s Oil Production

What’s Wrong With the Dollar?

Despite Rally, Prechter Sees Catastrophe

Transparency Won’t Cure State Budget Woes

‘Catastrophic’ Crash Fear Rising Despite Bull Market

Seven Industries That’ll Lead Inflation

The New Loch Ness Monster

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