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Stay in Illinois

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Feb• 26•11

Wisconsin Senate Democrats continue hiding out in neighboring Illinois. One wonders when they legally will become Illinois residents.  In most states it’s six months and a day. In the case of the Wisconsin senate truants that would mean on or around September 18th.

That sounds to me like a back up plan for Governor Walker. Wait ’em out.

Belgium has been without a government for eight months and that nation is fully functioning. The bureaucracies are all working; it’s the  Belgian Parliament that’s gridlocked. Who really needs more laws anyway?

Five and a half more months of this might sound like a long time, but it’ll go by in a snap.  Baseball season is approaching; spring will be springing, and summers fly right by.  Besides, the news media will move onto another story within a week or two.

So let the those Wisconsin Democrats burrow right into the Land of Lincoln. I’m sure there are 14 other Badger State political aspirants more than willing to take their places.




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  1. […] have the moral high ground as is. They will forfeit it if they do this.   I still say they should wait ‘em out. Posted in Uncategorized | No Comments […]

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