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$165 Million Hooky?

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Feb• 28•11

The 14 Wisconsin Senate Democrats playing hooky in Illinois will cost Badger State taxpayers an extra $165 million if they don’t return to work by tomorrow to approve a measure to refinance the state’s debt, according to this Reuters story.   Governor Walker warns that their failure to vote on the measure will mean more job layoffs going forward.

By my math that means the 14 Democrats are costing taxpayers $11.8 million a piece by failing to show up for work tomorrow alone.  That’s a lot of damage for a hard day’s work a day off work. I wonder if they’ll be accepting their paychecks.


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  1. Your Friend says:

    Great use of the FB poster. Of course, I’d have enjoyed the article more if it had the facts straight. None of what is happening in Madison has anything to do with budgets and debts. It is simply a bald (and bold) political tactic to neuter the power of unions, that is what little power they have left. You and I have had this discussion more than once, so we know we don’t agree, but unions are actually good for the average American worker. And recent polls indicate that the average American worker understands this and supports the protests in Madison. So, when will Mr. Walker toss in the towel?

    As for the facts, the only $165m that has anything to do with this story is the lifting of the debt ceiling by $165m. If Mr. Walker was serious about deficits, why would he support a 53% increase in the state debt load? Of course, if he was serious, he would not. But he’s not serious, he just wants to break the unions, like every good corporate stooge is supposed to do.

    Rememeber when we used to read the manifesto?

  2. I’ve missed you, Dwight!

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