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TSA Sex Offenders?

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Mar• 01•11

The debate over TSA screenings has officially become ridiculous — and dangerous for Americans and the TSA screeners we love to hate. An ill-considered bill just sponsored in the New Hampshire House would make it a Tier III sex offense for a TSA agent to touch or view a person’s goods without probable cause.  The penalty for a Tier III sex offense includes publicly registering as a sex offender for life.

No one likes these security screenings — and there is plenty of room for debate over how far is too far — but threatening TSA agents with life-long sex offender status is tantamount to shutting down the U.S. airport security system. I wouldn’t get within 10 feet of anyone’s anything if I were a TSA agent with this law on the books.

If a TSA agent gets too touchy feely, fire him.  If it’s egregious, press charges.  Sue the TSA if you want. But this bill is excessive and counterproductive.  Its sponsors need to get real.



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  1. Your Friend says:

    Spot on. Idiotic legislation. I’ve been “viewed” in these new machines. I’m fine with it. Of course, I have just a bit of the exhibitionist in me. Maybe everyone needs to have some exhibitionism training.

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