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Colbert vs. Moore

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Mar• 29•11


Wish I had seen more of this interview. Michael Moore continues to insist that the wealth accumulated by Americans belongs not to them and their families, but to the country.  Even on a tongue-in-cheek show like The Colbert Report, Moore bristles when called out as a hypocrite.  The reportedly money-obsessed Moore is worth an estimated $25-50 million.  An obvious and simple demonstration of his conviction would be for Moore to donate his money to the IRS.  If he really believes the money is not his, what’s stopping him?

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  1. Your Friend says:

    Michael Moore plays an important role in our public discourse. To my ears it’s a role that is much less shrill than the counter balances on the right, but I’m sure that is simply a matter of taste. While he may well be worth $50m he spends a lot of that capital fighting the power. He deserves to be paid well for that. It’s actually a dangerous job. Putting that aside, the basic concept is not as bright line as you suggest. Wealth disparity is not a good thing, if not managed properly it leads to revolution, see e.g. Egypt and Libya.

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