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Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Apr• 12•11

This ought to freak out the public employee unions.  Sandy Springs, GA, a suburb just north of Atlanta, has outsourced its workforce — all of it.  Every department, every job (except police and fire who are in a defined contribution plan). That means it has no long-term debt.  Zero pension liabilities.  Nada. All it has to do is meet its payroll every year, and it’s doing it.


I cannot for the life of me get this video loaded, so I’m attaching it as a link.  It is broadcast via Reason, the libertarian monthly magazine.

Ought to get some notice I think.

Special thanks for the heads up to a friend in White Plains.

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  1. Your Friend says:

    The outsourcing of the military has been really effective, hasn’t it? Just so happens that it’s really picked up steam over the last decade when, you might remember, military expenditures rose 81%. Outsourcing government is just another way to remove power from the people. I don’t know about you, but in my town most of the government is volunteer. How do you outsource that?

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