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Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jun• 14•11

* Daily Beast

My biggest takeaway from last night’s GOP debate in New Hampshire is that, like her or not, Michelle Bachmann is now a candidate for President.

Mitt Romney did a fine job; so did Tim Pawlenty. Either can beat President Obama in my opinion. Everyone on that stage did well, except Herman Cain, who seemed unprepared, and grouchy Gingrich whose lips said the right things while his body language said “screw you all” — characteristically.

Bachmann announced her candidacy for President on stage last night, but that’s not what made her a candidate. Her performance did. She was beautiful, confident, and articulate in the spotlight, and they don’t get much hotter or brighter than in opening presidential debates. In short, the Minnesota congresswoman showed that, at least on this earliest of stages, she can hack the heat.

Bachmann invokes strong feelings in people because she has firm opinions (and because she is a she. She’s tend to do that in politics.) I disagree with Bachmann on substantial issues, but I find it impossible not to be impressed with her resolve. Here is a person who ran and lost a race for her local school board just a few years ago, and last night she stood, feet firmly planted, on stage as a candidate for President of the United States.  That doesn’t happen by accident.

We spend a lot of time grousing about American politics, but our democratic process remains breathtaking to watch at times.

Barack Obama became president just four years after serving as an obscure Illinois state senator. (I’ve had every one of my ties longer than that.) Lincoln, Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton came from perfectly unremarkable backgrounds and went on to occupy the Oval Office.

All ideology aside, last night once again showed that meritocracy is alive and well in American politics. It doesn’t always get you elected, but it puts you in the show.

Bachmann is now in the show.



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