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Early NEA Endorsement Signals Obama Weakness

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 05•11

The National Education Association endorsed President Obama for re-election on Monday — a full 17 months before the 2012 elections — signaling just how weak it perceives the President’s re-election chances to be. The 3.2 million-member NEA made its endorsement and its annual meeting in Chicago. 

It is no surprise that the NEA would endorse the Democrat in the race. It almost always does. This is a public employee labor union; not an educational group.  Of course it is going to endorse the Democrat.  But doing it so early makes it notable, and not in a good way for the President. The union clearly believed he needed an early sign of support.  (If this were a different Democratic Party, one would think the NEA was protecting Mr. Obama from a primary challenge.) 

The NEA undoubtedly checked with the Obama political team on the timing of this endorsement.  That is a customary practice.  And Team Obama signed off on it — 17 months out.  Not exactly a sign of confidence from Washington Chicago. 

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