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Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 06•11

Dumb question. Who the heck is KC  Casey Anthony?

I know I’m supposed to know that, but I really don’t care to. For a solid month I’ve been seeing her and her father on a witness stand on cable news channels, and each time I have, I’ve flipped the channel as fast as humanly possible.

From what I gather interest in her involves her dead little girl. Why on earth would anyone want to focus on that? I’d sooner run screaming from a room than tune in for more of that story. The world is depressing enough. Do we need to be brought down farther?

Yesterday all the headlines were of Anthony being found not guilty of killing her daughter. That was a surprise verdict evidently.  But does that materially change the fact that a little girl is dead? That mother’s life is over whether she did whatever it was that was done or not. Nothing can change that fact. The spotlights will be put away, the courtroom will be shuttered for the night, and the court dockets will be filed away in a drawer.  But that girl will be gone forever and her mother will slowly die from that knowledge.  No matter what. Even if she were guilty, there is nothing you could do to that mother worse than what already has happened.  Nothing. 

I wish I knew even less about this case. 

Cable news owes us one helluva happy story.

PS: As I write this, I am sitting on a train across from a mother with two children. They are heading for a day in the big city. Sprawled across each child’s hand in indelible marker is their mother’s cell phone number. Somehow seems worth mentioning. 

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