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Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 08•11

Rick Perry cometh.

The brash Texan – who ignored President Obama and his old boss, George W. Bush, in executing a Mexican national last night for rape and murder – just filed a federal campaign committee, or at least his supporters did, National Journal reports this morning.

Last night’s execution is ironic, as then Governor Bush also carried out a controversial execution just prior to entering the presidential race.  In that case, Bush refused to stay the execution of a man of questionable intelligence.  Just like Perry, Bush was accused of trying to look tough on the national stage, although he was consistent in his approach to the death penalty throughout his time in Austin. Adding further irony to the mix, Governor Perry, who had served as Bush’s Lt. Governor, passed a law after Bush became president outlawing the execution of the mentally retarded in the Lone Star State.  

These two have an interesting history…

In any event, Perry looks poised to jump into fray. Does he catch fire like the last Texas governor to run for the White House or fizzle like a Fred Thompson, who could not meet his own hype?  Time will tell.  I reckon’ so. 

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