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Time Marches On; Ask Alice

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 18•11

The Fantastically Cool Grace Slick

Okay, this is pretty far outside of the realm of this blog.  But I keep running across Alice in Wonderland references and I have heard “White Rabbit” on the radio at least a half dozen times in the past month (is that song making a comeback or something?). So today, when I saw one of those “Then and Now” items online with Grace Slick of “The Jefferson Airplane” featured, I just had to click the “now” button.

The result came as a shocker, not because Slick doesn’t look good, but because she looks grandmotherly. Just as she should at age 71.   Adorably grandmotherly I might add. 

Still it is a freak out. The hippies have officially gotten old.  The Mick-Jagger-will-be-sixty-[fill in the blank]-this-year remarks are no longer amusing. They have become alarming. Seeing Slick today reminds me that we all were once young and shiny.  Even the little old ladies on the bus. 

Fortunately, Slick and so many others remain forever young in the film/digital age.  Below is how I always will think of her, but I wouldn’t mind meeting the Slick of today.  She must have amazing stories — and even more amazing perspective. 

Time.  It does march on. Rather relentlessly, I might add.


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