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Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 22•11


A Wholly Original Fake Apple Store (from

A number of years ago, the Chinese unveiled a remarkable handheld device.  It was called “The Redberry” and it did the most marvelous thing.  It allowed one to send emails to other “Redberry” devices.  It could even be used as a phone. Any similarities to Research In Motion’s Blackberry device was mere coincidence, China Unicom officials said.  The two handhelds boasted identical keyboards.  Go figure.  The same invention occurring on opposite sides of the globe.

The Redberry

Today we learn of new “Apple Stores” in China selling the entire line of “Apple” devices — IPads, Iphones, Mac Book Pros, etc.  The only problem of course is that Apple — the real company — has never heard of the stores.

They are painstakingly produced to resemble real Apple stores in almost every detail. Yet they are frauds.  Utter fakes, like so much developed in China and exported today.

A friend and reader rightly pointed out last week that China has a long history of inventiveness. He pasted some of the inventions in the comments section of this blog item. But really. what has China produced that is original since 1949 when the Communists declared victory?  Lies and fakes. Original knock-offs. That’s what they have produced.  

I know we’re all supposed to be bowing over China’s economic prowess, but give me the folks in Silicon Valley any day. They invent things. Not scams.  



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  1. Nick says:

    The Chinese, I should say Mao, adopted the communist model for their economy with disastrous results. The lack of their inventions is directly due to this as well as the poor state of their country prior to the communist takeover. But to his credit (and America’s) Deng Xiaoping moved to a capitalist model. This is a relatively new development. They are no longer communist. But their current model is limited by the lack of freedoms in their political system. At some point they will have to choose between the constraints of this system and more democracy.

    Will this new system allow them to be as inventive as ours? I think not without more democratic reforms but they will be formidable. The nature of the Chinese is capitalist and inventive so I disagree with the premise that because they have not invented anything in the last 100 years they are incapable of doing so now or in the future. It seems to me they will focus on building their own markets and middle class and then what will happen if they don’t need our business?

    So, the point of my original post was first let’s focus on dealing with our debt problems and rejuvenating our moribund economy. Getting angry over what they say is counter productive even if they are high handed especially as we ultimately have control over our own debt and are largely responsible for the position we are now in.

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