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Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 28•11

Paul Burka of The Texas Monthly

I’ve always wondered what it was like for state reporters, who have covered an elected official for years; who have lived and breathed his every utterance; who know what he eats and drinks, how much sleeps and with whom, when that official becomes a presidential or vice presidential candidate.  Suddenly the print and network “big boys” from New York and Washington come flocking in, knocking over the locals to provide the expert analysis on a figure they have been aware of for only a few weeks.  It must be like when the FBI takes over a local investigation in a Bruce Willis movie.  There has to be resentment. 

Paul Burka of The Texas Monthly anticipates this happening with home grown Governor Rick Perry (R), who is poised to enter the presidential fray, in a fun piece today called  “Dear Yankees.”  It acts as a primer for anyone preparing to cover Perry.  It’s a good read. 

“I am writing you this note in the hope that it will help you avoid the political and sociological clichés that Texas is subjected to every time one of our politicians seeks the national stage,” Burka explains. 

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