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Swing State Swindle

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Aug• 02•11

The federal government is now mandating that Pennsylvanians on public assistance be given free cell phones and monthly calling minutes on the public dime, The New York Post reports today.  And guess who pays for it?  Everyone else of course. The Obama Administration is using Pennsylvania, a swing-state in the 2012 election, as a test ground for this new “civil right”, called the Universal Service Fund. Expect this push in the other 49 states as well, beginning in, say, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, and Virginia .

 What does this fall under? Pursuit of happiness? 



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  1. Your Friend says:

    God forbid that we help poor people in any way, especially when it allows them to give voice against the corporate owned American politcal establishment. Let them eat cake!

    • Billy says:


      You’re still so altruistic. I’m glad to see it. Seriously. But this has nothing to do with generosity; it’s all about votes. Always votes.


      • Your Friend says:

        You ever hear the phrase, it’s better to be lucky than good? It’s a truism. Fact is, it’s better to be both.

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