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Greener Grass; Draft Hillary

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Aug• 05•11

University of Virginia Law School professor Christopher Sprigman tries to begin a Draft Hillary movement in the Chicago Tribune today. The former Obama supporter and Democratic National Committee lecturer blasts away at President Obama, writing:

“I’m not a political expert, so I don’t know if Obama can be re-elected. I only know he shouldn’t be. He has broken with the faith that has sustained Democrats since the 1930s — faith in the power of government to soften inequality, and to provide some measure of security for the old, the poor and the sick.

“Hillary, I’m sorry for not listening to you back in 2008. But perhaps you’ll give me another chance. Resign as secretary of state, and run against Obama in 2012. I will work my heart out for you. And I bet that millions of other angry Democrats will be with me.”

Sprigman is an occasional spokesman for the American Left, and his angry opinion piece today reads like it.  He is up in arms because the U.S. plans to cut around 5% of what we are borrowing over the next 10 year. We will still owe $22 trillion for programs Sprigman and his cohorts champion. I find it interesting, though, that he would abandon liberal Obama for far more centrist Clinton.  Maybe the Utopian state Sprigman is after is just plain unattainable in a rational world.

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  1. Me says:

    I’ve actually been thinking of creating a “What Would Hillary Do?” bumper sticker. Still think she would have been great.

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