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The 235,413 to Blame

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Aug• 05•11



The culprits have been exposed.  Those greedy millionaires that President Obama and the Democratic Party have been pounding on for months have been identified.  There are 235,413 of them, according to solid reporting from Jennifer Epstein of Politico today.  They comprise .01% of the U.S. population.  A small subsection of them — 8,274 people– made more than $10 million last year. Bastards.

What should be done with them?  Tar and feathers? Should we ride ’em out of the country on a rail? Or should we go right to the guillotine, French revolutionary style?  They are guilty of success: Off with their heads!

Never before have so few done so much damage to so many — or so President Obama would suggest.  His class war should be easy to win.  It’s 99.9% – .01%. 

Or is it possible we are the ones we’ve been looking for?



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  1. Your Friend says:

    Drama Queen. They just need to pay 3% more in annual federal taxes. True for someone making $10M per year, that’s an extra $300k. It’s a lot of money. But they should be willing to do it for the sake of their country. If all of them do, even if they make ONLY $10M per year (and the average is a great deal higher than that), that’s an extra $70B in federal revenue. You were raising a stink earlier about $27M in annual aid to China. That was peanuts. $70B is a real meal and it can make a difference. But no, cut aid to poor people, don’t tax the rich. Fact is, we should all step forward and proclaim our willingness to pay more taxes. I’m willing. I believe it’s the least I can do for the country I love. What say you? Put up or shut up time, my friend. Do Republicans really love this country, or is that just an act?

    • Bill says:

      There is no shortage of tax revenue in this country. We just spend too much. And poverty isn’t static. Jobs, risk, and hard work are a way out. It happens every generation and with every new ethnic group. They key is not to institutionalize poverty with ineffective government programs that suck up capital that could be creating additional jobs.

      Something tells me we’ll disagree on that.

      • Your Friend says:

        Yeah, you’re right. About disagreeing. The rest sounds like reprocessed Ayn Rand tripe. The imbalance in our government was created by the ineffective governing of the Republican party, specifically GWB. Without his horribly timed tax cuts for the wealthy, unnecessary $1T war, and incompetent government management, we’d be rolling in a surplus right now. American Exceptionalism indeed. So is the captial we just saved in the misguided debt negotiation going to be applied to creating jobs? Is that what you’re saying? Wait. Hold on. Holding my sides. Can’t breathe. Laughing too hard.

      • Me says:

        He says it so much better than I could (as does Dwight):

        • Your Friend says:

          Wow! New book mark for me. I may well be reading Billy a lot less now, this makes so much more sense. Thanks, A. (Oh, and democrats are in bed with the Plutocrats too, they just feel more guilty about it. That’s why I like them more.)

  2. Your Friend says:

    Where does this leave us?

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