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Cornel West’s Paranoid Vision of America

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Aug• 26•11


I shudder to think that students at Princeton University voluntarily consume the anti-American vile spewed by  professor and “philosopher” Cornel West.  It will take some of them a decade or more of real-world experience to disabuse themselves of West’s paranoid vision of a modern-day slave-master dynamic in this country.

In The New York Times today West suggests that Martin Luther King, Jr., whose celebrated memorial on the National Mall is opening in the shadow of a White House occupied by an African-American president, would “weep” at the injustices of today’s United States. West, who punctuates every other thought with the exhausted term “industrial complex”, writes:

“The absence of a King-worthy narrative to reinvigorate poor and working people has enabled right-wing populists to seize the moment with credible claims about government corruption and ridiculous claims about tax cuts’ stimulating growth. This right-wing threat is a catastrophic response to King’s four catastrophes; its agenda would lead to hellish conditions for most Americans. King weeps from his grave.”

His solution to the reactionary conspiracy?

“In concrete terms, this means support for progressive politicians like Senator Bernard Sanders of Vermont and Mark Ridley-Thomas, a Los Angeles County supervisor; extensive community and media organizing; civil disobedience; and life and death confrontations with the powers that be.” 

Can anyone imagine what America would be like if the Wests and Sanders and Ridley-Thomases ever succeeded in those confrontations? (Although I’m not really sure who those “powers that be” are. Procter and Gamble? The New York Times in which he writes?)

Fortunately, we have historical examples: Soviet Russia, Democratic Kampuchea, Castro’s Cuba, and Maoist China.

Princeton shouldn’t list West’s classes in its philosophy curriculum.  They should be part of the archeology department. Only then would they provide real value to America’s youth. 

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