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Bloomberg’s Bad Decision (Updated)

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Aug• 27•11

No.  It’s not his call to evacuate low-lying areas of New York.  Even if Hurricane Irene is a bust, that was a good one.  Better safe than sorry.  

But the decision to ban clergy from the 10th Anniversary 9/11 memorial service is just plain weird. What New York City event in the last 50 years warrants it more?

People find comfort in religion. They find guidance – at the most difficult times in their lives. It’s when we need it. But the 9/11 ceremonies will be stripped of all vestiges of religion and spirituality.  What a shame. Strict secularism – the new religion of government – will prevail.

There will be no priests, rabbis, or imams at Ground Zero.  Only politicians.  And who wants to listen to them?

 UPDATE: One of my best friends and a member of the Bloomberg Administration informs me that the ceremony has remain unchanged for the past 9 years — and that it has only included family members. I still would like to see clergy present, but her email well explains why the ceremony will be clergy-free.  Bad news: She may be mad at me.  Good news: I’m thrilled to have her as a reader.

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