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Lamp Shade Photos

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Sep• 26•11





You know those terribly embarrassing photos from high school?  The ones where you were cross-eyed with your tongue thrust sideways or sporting a peach fuzz mustache atop a Frankie-Says-Relax tee shirt? (That wasn’t me.)

I can’t help but think that the photos being posted by this week’s Wall Street protesters will one day become fodder for bachelorette parties and retirement roasts. (Can’t you hear the squeals? OMG, that’s when we were at Bryn Mawr!)

I also can’t help but giggle at the irony that my generation’s Hippies are the ones peering through the windows of their Wall Street office windows at today’s protesters, thinking, well,  “what an idiot I once was.”

Kids today…



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  1. Daniel Suib says:

    Great post Bill…and so true.

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