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Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Sep• 28•11

Chalk one up for common sense.  The Pine Tree State just upped the speed  limit on a 110-mile stretch of road for a good reason: Eighty-five percent of drivers who travel on that deserted stretch of Maine highway already are driving that fast. 

In doing so, the State of Maine becomes the first state East of the Mississippi to have a speed limit at that rate of speed. (Texas leads the nation with one 85-MPH stretch.) 

The point isn’t whether people should drive that fast — how much gas it burns or what the extra speed means in the event of an accident.  The point is that people are already doing it.  If 85% of drivers have been breaking the law on this particular stretch or road, there is something wrong with the law.

At least one Northeast states gets it. 

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