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Paul vs. Hellfire

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Oct• 02•11
You have to give credit to Ron Paul for speaking his mind about things, but in objecting to the successful drone strike on American al Qaeda leader, Anwar al-Awlaki, Congressman Paul has shown that he’s not seriously trying to win the presidency. He’s only running to advance a palate of rigid libertarian ideals.

If Mr. Paul is serious about running, he has zero political sense.  Because probably nine out of ten Americans cheered in their hearts when they heard that the Benedict-Arnold cleric met his appointment with a Hellfire missile while operating in Yemen. (Sincere apologies to Benedict Arnold and his descendants for the comparison.)

Mr. Paul may or may not be right legally, but who cares? I don’t. Anyone who volunteers to be al Qaeda’s spokesman and chief recruiter is fair game to me. By doing so, al-Awlaki committed treason; he declared war on his former countrymen.  That makes him a legitimate target.  It is a matter of commons sense.   

Mr. Paul is so adamant about being right about his points – his exact, doctrinaire  points — that he too often shows a complete break from mainstream American thinking. If Mr. Paul’s GPS navigation system told him to drive off a cliff, one gets the feeling he might just do so – because the damned thing says to!  It’s that academic inflexibility that has always given Paul – and I write this reluctantly – the slight flavor of kookiness. And that is presidentially prohibitive.

Congressman Paul has served his nation and well, and has comported himself and his philosophy admirably on the nation’s largest stage. He deserves respect for that, but not serious consideration for the presidency.  

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