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Steady Wins the Race

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Oct• 04•11


If rumors are accurate that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is going to skip jumping into the presidential primary — and they appear to be— the grand winner of all the hype will be former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who is trodding slowly but surely toward the nomination.

Speculation over Governor Christie began in earnest at the exact time when Texas Governor Rick Perry acquired his sinking-fast narrative following a weak debate performance.  Governor Christie – and, to some extent, super-likable dark horse candidate Herman Cain – diverted attention from pre-Christie golden-boy Perry immediately following the debate, preventing him from recovering while the media spotlight was brightest on him.  And then came the unfortunate *****head ranch story.  Perry now finds himself tied for second place with Mr. Cain in the polls and sinking.  Cain is rising.  And Romney finds himself, once again, back on the top of the heap.  

I continue to believe that any one of these candidates can beat President Obama. The more time passes, though, the more that challenger appears to be Mitt. Romney, who is steadily raising money and avoiding big mistakes.  But politics is a funny game.  We’ll see.

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