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Wall Street Theft, Courtesy of the Public Service Unions

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Oct• 05•11

I can’t believe I’m linking to a story by Mother Jones, but here it is.

It describes in greater detail than previously reported the extent to which the Occupy Wall Street rallies are being hijacked by organized labor and other special interests. The teachers unions are there, so is 1199 SEIU, CSEA, AFSCME, the “Working Familes” Party — the whole lot of public service unions that are bankrupting our states, killing job growth, and hiking the cost of education for the protesters whose spotlight they are working to steal.

The sad thing is that the young demonstrators are falling for it.  I have no love for them; I’ve made that pretty clear here.  But their naivete in embracing the very organizations that are dooming their financial futures is tough to watch. These kids are so angry at the “corporate America”  that feeds and cloths them — yes there are excesses; there will always be excesses — that they cannot see when they are being played for fools.

You know that lack of message that has been written about during these protests? That is being remedied ready-quick. By weeks end, these protests will be about “fair wages”, “the millionaire’s tax”, and union contracts.  And the original protesters will be standing on the sidelines watching their parade march by. It will be a teachable moment. 

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