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Obama the Leader

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Oct• 10•11

President Obama is being wrongly accused of failing to lead the nation. His leadership is now on clear display in lower Manhattan any day of the week.   

It’s in the 1968-retread slogans painted on cardboard signs in Zuccotti Park.  It’s on the faces of the young people scrawling them day and night. It’s in the bizarro messaging pouring into Twitter and Facebook feeds from the make-shift OWS (Occupy Wall Street) headquarters. In all those places, President Obama’s blame-the-other-guy leadership is omnipresent.

President Obama, the ostensible “post-partisan” president, has sold America a class war.  Republicans are criticized for suggesting it, but how else can one describe the “millionaires and billionaires” and “corporate-jet-owning” rhetoric that President Obama has been hammering at for months? He has created a boogey-man – that pernicious one percent of “corporate” Americans who are screwing us all (while paying 38% of all income taxes) – and he has done it to try to save his own political hide.  The man whose 2008 campaign was fueled by Wall Street dollars has laid his teeth into the hand that fed him.

No one should be surprised. This is the rhetoric from which Mr. Obama, the heralded community organizer, sprang.  How can we be righteous if we do not have a greedy enemy?  How can we be cheated if there is no conspiracy of cheaters? What exactly is it that we shall overcome?  It’s that one percent, President Obama tells us.  They’re the ones.

The Democratic Party/Obama for America is now embracing the Occupy Wall Street protests. They have ordered their public employee union troops to build out the protests all over America – to 200 cities. And at each of them, what will be message? Blame the rich; blame the rich, blame the rich.  Just don’t blame Obama.

The President’s leadership is on stark display. It is sickening to see. 

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