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How Will Herman Do?

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Oct• 11•11

A lot of eyes will be on businessman Herman Cain in tonight’s Republican Primary debate in New Hampshire. Cain’s dramatic rise in the polls is being seen as a temporary phenomenon by most political professionals.  But what if he continues to excel in the polls?  What if he continues to get better as a candidate? Is there room for a complete outsider in Washington, for a straight talker with zero electoral experience?

Here in New York, we saw a mostly Democratic electorate send outsider businessman Bob Turner to Congress — the first Republican to be sent to Washington from that district (NY9) since 1923 — but for the Oval Office? 

One group clearly taking Cain seriously is the African-American intelligentsia. They are working day and night to try to discredit Cain’s Booker-T-Washington-esque, up-from-the-bootstraps message.  In the video above, radical Princeton Professor Cornell West can hardly contain his animosity against Cain, saying that Cain has to “get off the symbolic crack pipe.”  Others, like Rev. Al Sharpton, are all but calling Cain an “Uncle Tom” for being a conservative, and it’s only a matter of time before someone does. 

Cain so easily dismisses criticism from Prof. West, Rev. Sharpton, and other professional black bomb throwers that I can’t help cheering him on.  I know I am not alone. It is part of the reason why Cain is now polling ahead of the rest of the GOP field in important southern states.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney a huge boost today with his endorsement in the race.  It should badly hurt a stumbling Rick Perry, especially in the big-money fundraising race. But for those still not set on Romney — and that’s at least 75% of GOP voters — there is one candidate left with the momentum to eclipse him.  It’s Herman Cain.  

What if Cain continues handling the pressure? What if he doesn’t screw up? What fun this is to watch. 


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