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Orchestrated Anarchy

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Oct• 14•11

The New York City Police Department sure trains its officers well. I was just watching footage from today’s demonstrations, where protesters repeatedly violated direct orders from the NYPD.  It’s amazing more police batons weren’t used.  Many of the police officers are the same age as the protesters and far harder working.  It’s got to be tempting.

Above is footage of a National Lawyer’s Guild attorney pretending to have his leg run over by a police motorcycle so he could cry foul, make himself famous, and presumably sue the NYPD, i.e., New York City taxpayers.  Multiple eye witnesses, including a Daily News photographer, attested to the left-wing attorney’s scam.  That should chew up a good million taxpayer dollars in court time. 

In one video, I saw a Manhattan Democratic District Leader — someone I have known for 25 years — marching down the middle of the street in violation of NYPD orders. I won’t name her out of courtesy. 

What an absolute joke these demonstrations have become. Orchestrated chaos. 

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