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Washington Sucks (Money)

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Oct• 19•11

What city in the United States produces nothing, is bereft of industrial infrastructure, has no natural resource other than untapped swamp gases, and is now the wealthiest city in America? Yep, it’s Washington, DC.

Our nation’s capital — the seat of centralized government — has just been declared the richest metropolitan area in the country, surpassing tech-center San Jose, CA for the top spot, according to the latest government data.

That’s both shocking and unsurprising, if that’s at all possible.  How can a city that does nothing but hold committee meetings eclipse centers of commerce like New York, Chicago, Dallas, and San Franciso.  Then again, how can a city where government workers average $126,000 in annual income not reap the top slot? 

This could not possibly have been the plan of the Founding Fathers. 

Washington, DC is now the richest the city in America.  That says it all. 

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