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Dumb-Ass Republicans

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Oct• 26•11


Of all the Republicans I know — and I know a lot of them — only about, say, one percent of them are among the top one percent of income earners in this country. So why are the other 99% of Republicans Republicans?

It’s an essential question that doesn’t get asked enough. If the top one percent of earners are so pernicious, and if Republican policies are designed to enrich them, why would anyone other than they be members of the Grand Old Party? And why would the 99% of Republicans fight against “millionaire and billionaire” tax hikes they would never have to pay themselves? Are the 99% stupid? Masochistic? Daft pawns in a larger chess game, as some of the Left suggest?

A New York Times/CBS poll reports today that 70% of Americans believe Republican policies favor the rich. I don’t doubt that statistic for a minute. Yet Republicans have been making electoral gains in the most heavily Democratic areas of the nation. Huh? What’s that about?

And, here’s the doozy: If the richest of the rich in America disproportionately enroll as Democrats — and they do — why on earth would struggling, partisan Republicans fight in the trenches to help them?

There must be something more to this.  It’s what the Republicans candidates for president should be talking about.

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  1. Daniel Suib says:

    You are absolutely right Bill. There is something more to this, and I can’t figure it out. Why would average people with average earnings vote for the party that favors big business and the wealthy? I don’t know the answer. But we need to talk about it…all of us. I’m not angry at the Democratic Party for what they believe in or their ways of “doing” things. I’m angry at the Democratic Party for not having the “voice” and influence on peole that the Republican Party does. That’s obvious. The Republican PArty sure can get their point to the public. Anyway…we need to start talking about this issue…I agree.

  2. Christian says:

    One interesting thing that the article about the richest people being democrat is that even after adding up all of the donations these “charitable” democrats made, they aren’t even 1/2 what the richest republicans make. On average, the republicans who are part of the 99% still donate 2-4 times more money to charitable causes than democrats (“Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth about Compassionate Conservatism: – Arthur C. Brooks) Why don’t democrats lead by example and stop trying to force everyone else to do what they aren’t willing to do themselves, all the while calling the people “Dumb-Ass[es]” who who do give to charity and give more blood and give more of their time to charitable causes than the hypocrite party of the democrats?

    Lead by example please. That’s what I am looking for instead of being forced to behave as a group of people who don’t even believe it enough to do it themselves. This country is so rich, our poor people have air conditioning, cable and eat out at least once a week. Our unemployed now make $200 a month more than our employed! I know this is all in the grand democrat plan, but stop and think for a minute. What happens when people realize they don’t need to improve or do quality work to get paid … oh wait, we already have that problem … they are called teachers’ unions, auto-unions and our postal service; where poor quality workmanship is rewarded more than high-quality workmanship, where people who put in the extra mile are pressured to do the same poor quality work everyone does. What happens when those people who put in the extra mile realize it’s all moot and decide they want to collect Willy Wonka chocolate bars for a living and get paid more than would if they went out and got a real job? What happens when we all become below average because the ones who bring up the score realize they actually get punished while the ones who put in less work get rewarded?

    There are many things to value in life; none of which can be had without sacrifice for the other ones. For example, some people enjoy the outdoors so much, they move to an area that has a bad economy and is far away from people. They do this because they value wilderness and serenity more than money. Some people value physical activities so much, they work the minimum amount required to get by. People who don’t value money as much as they do other things are willing to live at the financial level required to do the things they want to do. However, the democrats believe there should be no sacrifice for anyone except those who value money more than other things. The core value to democrats is that they don’t believe anyone should have to sacrifice unless it be for society. The hypocrisy comes in the fact that in order for everyone in society to be on the same level, some people must sacrifice. Of course, only the “intellectually elite” can choose what is best for society and it certainly isn’t religion, freedom to live how you want, freedom to teach your children the values you want to, freedom to speak out against what’s being taught, etc, instead they believe freedom is everyone being the same and no one offending each other. In other words, a society where people can’t speak their minds and can’t excel at anything other than “intellectual eliteness” because if they do, they are simply making life harder for everyone else in society.

  3. Tom says:

    It’s not a case of “them” vs. us from my perspective. It’s us vs. overspending govt. This 99% stuff is political B.S IMHO. I’m not taking the bait.

  4. David says:

    The reason that more and more people are switching to the Republican party (and I’m actually an Independent) is because the people are starting to realize that poor people don’t create jobs, and government doesn’t create long-term jobs either. They create “projects” like a dam that has a completion date. Not a real, sustainable job.

    If you take the money from the people who have it, and who invest it in businesses (for a return on their investment, I might add), those companies will have money to buy equipment (which helps create jobs), buy more inventory (which people had to make first), etc., etc., etc.

    That is what creates jobs, creates Taxpayers… instead of “tax consumers”… and sustains our country’s future.

  5. Christopher says:

    Wow, your bigoted mind still doesn’t get it. As long as your close-minded gestalt focuses on money, you never will. There is a principle in conservatism, one that hinges on responsibility, that does not exist in liberalism, which hinges on fixing responsibility/blame, not accepting it. Economic liberalism is not empowering; it exists to eliminate choice, options, individualism and responsibility. The fact you cannot see that very obvious fact is bizarre.

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