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About Herman Cain

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Nov• 02•11
I like Herman Cain. I am rooting for him.

I haven’t decided who I’ll vote for in the Republican primary, but Herman Cain is on my list.

But it would be intellectually dishonest to dismiss as a “witch hunt” the information that has come forward about sexual harassment settlements made on Mr. Cain’s behalf in the 1990’s. The information came to light not because he is Black or conservative or leading in some polls; the information came forward because Mr. Cain is a legitimate presidential candidate, and legitimate presidential candidates get parsed. Court records concerning those candidates always will be discovered.  And they should be.

I am neither a fan nor a detractor of Sarah Palin, but what happened to her was a witch hunt. Mrs. Palin’s personal life was ruffled through and sensationalized needlessly. Court documents concerning her were fair game, but not her family life. Like her or dislike her, the treatment of Mrs. Palin and her family was a national disgrace. Mr. Cain’s situation is different.

I understand the instincts of conservatives now circling the wagons around the former Godfather Pizza CEO. One of their own is under attack. But I would caution them to take a wait-and-see on this one.  Herman Cain is a grown up.  He is a successful businessman running for President of the United States. If he was unfairly accused, he needs to explain how and why.  And he needs to do it convincingly.  He has not so far.  

More information is required.  And fast. 

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