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Madison Rising, Unabashed Patriots

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Nov• 15•11

I thank God for small favors — and for the big ones, too.

My company just got the opportunity to help promote Madison Rising, a new — and unabashedly pro-American — band that launches its debut album this week. The music video above is from that album.  It is entitled “Walking Through That Door,” and it tells the story of U.S. soldiers returning home to their families proudly.

The band’s lyrics are edgy and they address hot issues of the day, like Occupy Wall Street, the so-called Main Stream Media, and the hyphenation of America.  They even have a song called “In the Days that Reagan Ruled.” Imagine that!

These guys are gonna pop.  They’re super-talented and they’re relevant. That’s a killer combination. Keep an eye out. 

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