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Come Into the Light…

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Dec• 23•11


Progress in Congress. The incandescent light bulb has been saved for at least a year. Thanks to the efforts of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Department of Energy funding to hunt down and kill anyone manufcaturing, using — or even looking at — an old light bulb has been eliminated. Chalk one up for the American people.

I may celebrate by going out and buying another new fluorescent bulb, because they last longer and are more energy efficient — not because I have to.

The Daily Mail here reports, though, that the new-found life for the old, far-less-expensive bulbs may be short-lived. U.S. and other light bulb manufacturers have already paid hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to the government mandate — don’t worry; those costs are being passed on to us — to retrofit their factories for the fluorescent numbers.

Let me guess what might happen… Think the Vietnamese or the Chinese or the Laotions might begin manufacturing cheap, old light bulbs for U.S. consumers, like the ones U.S. companies were making a few year ago?  You know, the ones Thomas Edison invented.

It would be so very American of those communist countries to do so. And what of us?

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  1. Daniel Suib says:


    It has already started. GE closed all their plants that manufactured the newer, flourescent bulbs and outsourced the production overseas. This is just another situation where we come up with new technology (Solar panels), which we decide is too expensive to make here in the U.S.A…and outsource that side of the equation. But…we still need to be responsible for the elimination of these new bulbs. Yeah…the ones thart now have mercury…

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