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M. Bachmann, Next Out?

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jan• 03•12

As the results of the Iowa Caucuses trickle in, it is clear that Michelle Bachmann will run a distant fifth sixth place in the state in which she was raised — and the state that made her its August Ames straw poll winner. 

With funds and little of her organization left, Mrs. Bachmann will likely drop out of the presidential race within days if not hours. Where her support goes is anyone’s guess, but mine would be to fellow social conservative Rick Santorum. 

Michele Bachmann may not have won the GOP nomination, but she handled herself admirably throughout the summer and fall.  For someone who had never held public office just six years ago, Mrs. Bachmann more than held her own in a dozen GOP debates. She has a lot to be proud of and should remain a significant voice in Washington.   


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