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Santorum’s Conviction

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jan• 04•12

Most people with good sense were asleep last night when Rick Santorum gave his Iowa Caucus victory remarks (he effectively won).  They were extraordinary in their heartfeltedness, to coin a word. Like Rick Santorum or not, it is hard to deny that words like these come from deep within a soul.  One can feel them. 

Three minutes later, shortly after 1:00 a.m. EST, Mitt Romnety spoke.  He was good.  Polished, as one Fox News commentator observed.  But could you feel him?  I could not. I am rooting for Mitt Romney, but I still cannot feel the conviction that I believe in my head he holds.

Therein lies Mr. Romney’s challenge.  We need to see his heart. 

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  1. Pugs says:

    Maybe a good cry on camera…like Newt?

  2. […] who he is as a candidate. That is worth Mitt Romney’s campaign warchest and more. He is that little boy looking at his grandfather’s fingers in a casket. (If you haven’t watched Santorum’s Iowa speech, it’s worth hitting […]

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