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John Who?

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jan• 05•12

I don’t mean to be unkind, but what on earth is former Utah Governor John Huntsman up to? It’s really beyond time for him to say something interesting — anything interesting — or get out of the race. The former U.S. ambassador to China launched his campaign with a bang before the same Statue-of-Liberty background Ronald Reagan once used.  And that, pretty much, was the last anyone heard of him.  Can anyone recall a single thing John Huntsman said during any GOP debate this year?

Mr. Hunstman is now attacking Mitt Romney in New Hampshire. ““The effect of Iowa was that 75 percent of the party — 75 percent — didn’t want the status quo with Romney,” Mr. Huntsman was quoted saying yesterday by Bloomberg News. ” “[That] means there’s a whole lot of blue sky for the rest of us in the race,” he continued. There sure is a lot of blue sky for Ambassador Hunstman, who remains flat on his back on the ground peering up at it, with around 1% of the GOP vote in national polls.

John Hunstman has pegged his entire campaign on New Hampshire . It is has been his sole focus for months. So why isn’t anyone talking about him with five days to go before the New Hampshire primary? It’s because you can’t make news if you don’t say anything interesting. Unless Mr. Huntsman does something dramatically relevant between now and next Tuesday, it is time for him to get off the pot. 

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  1. Daniel Suib says:

    I agree. But even more interesting (puzzling) is the fact that Perry pulled the plug after the Iowa results, then said he was on his way to New Hampshire. What? At least Bachman had the sense to know when her time was up. Huntsman should learn that lesson from Michelle. Time to…pack it in if you can’t create any momentum. Again…I wonder what the strategy is for the Republican Party Bill? You can’t keep throwing people into the wind and say…”Anyone else but…”. Sooner or later…you have to be comfortable with whom ever rises to the top, and go with that person. Whether it’s Romney or Gangrich or Paul. Well Paul…not so much…LOL.

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