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Can Perry Claw Back?

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jan• 06•12

Rick Perry’s decision to stay in the GOP presidential primary until at least South Carolina is a good one. Mr. Perry, who entered the race from a cannon before falling to earth like, well, a cannonball at the end of its arc, was just beginning to get the feel of things at the close of the Iowa Caucuses, it seemed. He had just started getting comfortable and likable on the stump and on the stage.

The Texan will never be mistaken for Cicero in debate. He’s just not very good at it. But he is at least coming across as sincere and grounded now, if a little synaptically-challenged. But who hasn’t opened a refrigerator door only to ask himself, “What am I doing here?” Having that occur on a national stage is forgivable, even endearing to the most generous of us.

The Perry camp argues that there is still room in the race for an anti-Romney candidate — clearly there is — and that Mr. Perry has a better organization and a better story (jobs, jobs, jobs) than former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. He does. It is perfectly logical then that Mr. Perry stay in. But even more than that, it feels right. Governor Perry doesn’t seem quite done yet.

If Rick Perry runs anything but first or second in South Carolina, he will probably be done for good. But if he somehow manages to win the state, he could be right back in the national race. If he gets there — and the odds are long — he’ll need to stop memorizing talking points and keep being himself.  He’s better that way.

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  1. Alexander says:

    100% right

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