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President Obama Will Back Down in Catholic Fight or Lose Re-Election

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Feb• 02•12

Those of us hoping for a new president next January can only pray that President Obama takes the advice of Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi today.  Ms. Vennochi urges the President to double-down in his fight with the Catholic Church over the “morning after” pill.  Obamacare mandates that religious institutions — hospitals, churches, universities — provide health care to employees that covers the cost of contraception and the so-called “Plan B” post-coitus pills, against the teachings of those religions. The Catholic Church has decided to stand and fight, with priests across America reading a letter from the Pontiff last Sunday stating its case in firm language. 

If President Obama continues this fight — yet another of his overreaches into non-government matters — he will lose re-election. He can strike off the map Catholic-heavy Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and other states.  And he could have to fight for deep blue states like New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York. 

It will be very interesting to watch how this plays out.  My guess is that Mr. Obama quickly backs down. 

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