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Santorum Momentum Killer in Land of Lincoln

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Mar• 21•12

Rick Santorum’s momentum got stopped dead in its tracks last night in Illinois. He didn’t have to win the state, but he needed to do better  than a 12-point second place. Newt Gingrich proved once again that he no longer has a rationale for running. He can’t  win in the south, other than in his home state of Georgia; he can’t win in the midwest, and he certainly won’t be able to win in the northeast — or the northwest for that matter.

But Mr. Santorum was supposed to be the candidate who could connect with working class midwest voters. He is the grandson of coal miners and a Catholic. He was supposed to understand voters in Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois, and they were supposed to understand him. But he has run second to Mitt Romney in all those states. Sure some of those contests were close, but Romney won them.  That’s what counts at the end of the day, especially in the momentum game. 

Mr. Santorum should be able to pull off a narrow win in Louisiana this weekend — where again he will split conservative votes with Mr. Gingrich — and then he will head into Wisconsin on April 3rd.  If he does not win there, he will be all but done.  Midwestern states, like Wisconsin, will be some of the battleground states in November.  Mr. Santorum needs to prove that he can stay on message and win there.  He has not to date. 

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