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Mr. Cuomo’s Party

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Apr• 03•12

New York State senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx) correctly observed yesterday what everyone but  those on the hard left recognizes: Andrew Cuomo is improving the brand of the Democratic Party. He is bringing an image of competence and centrism to an organization that had spun out of control in New York just a couple of years back.

These pages have long thought that would happen. Indeed, they predicted that Mr. Cuomo might go so far as to remake the party in his image in New York. And by challenging and weakening buffoonish union leaders like the CSEA’s Danny Donahue, Governor Cuomo just may pull that off.

Many of the governor’s reforms to date have been cosmetic. His two-percent property tax cap sans mandate relief and his watered-down Tier Six pension system will slow, not save, New York and its municipalities on their path to insolvency, but the public rightly recognizes them as solid steps forward.  It is impossible to miss them as such after witnessing the  chaos that was Albany under 100% Democratic rule two years ago. There’s no question: Mr. Cuomo and the Republican Majority in the State Senate have found an easy working relationship and it’s paying off for all of us.

The CSEA is running hysterical radio ads — crazy hysterical, not haha hysterical — across the state this week bashing Governor Cuomo and the Legislature for the modest budget reforms they ushered in this session. Their tone was the governing norm in New York 24 months ago. It is now clearly at the margins. Nice work, Mr. Cuomo.

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