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Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Apr• 18•12

It looks like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) is gaining strength in the union-led recall effort. The latest polling numbers show that, if the election were held today, Governor Walker would win fairly handily.  That’s a substantial improvement over polling from a couple of weeks ago

Jonathan Tobin of Commentary has an interesting piece out today arguing that a Walker win in June will put Wisconsin, a traditionally liberal state, in play in November. That could have serious ramifications for President Obama’s re-election strategy. I would argue, too, that a Walker loss might put Wisconsin in play, as it would likely galvanize fiscal reformers in the state alarmed by his premature, union-engineered ouster.  Either way, it’s looking like Wisconsin will be on the map this year in the presidential contest. That’s a big deal, and one Team Obama cannot be happy about. It’s a state to watch. 

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