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Unfortunate Names (Warning)

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Apr• 18•12

A New England grandmother used to say of her dogs, without a trace of irony, “they’re good little bitches.” It was all my brothers and sisters and I could do not to leap from a window to muffle our laughter.  Now, we learn of this poor, 800-year-old Austrian town that is considering changing its name. You’ll have to read about it on your own. I just wonder how those leaving the town can possibly answer the question, “where are you coming from?,” with the stoicism of my literal grandmother. 

If I had a say, I’d vote to keep the name for tradition sake. Besides, there are endless commercial opportunities. (My brother went to this town and all he brought me was this ***** Tee Shirt.) 

Sorry for this item.  Couldn’t resist. 

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