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Secret Service Party: The Pre-Planning is the Freak Out

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Apr• 19•12

The worst news yet about the Secret Service prostitution scandal is that it was pre-planned. It was bad enough that it happened, but in the grand scheme of life unsurprising. People are fallible and anything semi-spontaneous can happen when human nature and tequila are mixed. Trust me. 

But it now appears that the Colombian sex and booze fest was soberly plotted, and by several agents.  That’s a freak-out. Alarm bells must have been shrieking, but somehow they were ignored by multiple agents. 

The morality of this is immaterial. I couldn’t care less what people drink and who they sleep with. But the security breach opened in Colombia is unforgivable. Criminal gangs run prostitution networks, and the agents involved put themselves at their mercy — not carelessly, but thoughtfully.  They planned the caper. That’s the real problem. One agent out drunk finding himself in a pretzel maneuver behind a bar is one thing.  Organizing a sex party for 30 in a hotel and exposing fellow agents to blackmail, kidnapping, or document theft in the process is another entirely. How is possible that no one put his foot down? 

Americans love and respect the Secret Service. It is better than this. 

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