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Quote of the Day, Charles Krauthammer

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 04•12



“Obama is just the man to fulfill Al Gore’s famous mistranslation of our national motto: Out of one, many.”– Charles Krauthammer. 

Great piece in the Washington Post today by Charles Krauthammer. He hits with a broadside in a morning what I’ve been swatting at with a squash racket for weeks — President Obama’s conspicuous decision to divide Americans among every possible line — race, gender, income, religion —  in order to get re-elected. Of all the things President Obama has done, this is the one I find most damning. 

We are watching the Obama strategy play out every day in plain site. If he’s not attacking the “millionaires and billionaires”, he’s after the xenophobes in Arizona or those waging the “war on women” or on youth or on education or on young black men that could be the President’s son (all of them of course are supported by Republicans). 

I can’t take any more of this post-partisanship.  

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