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Obama’s Arkansas Question

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 16•12

President Obama finds himself in a bit of a primary fight in Arkansas. He probably didn’t see that one coming. But with a Texas prison inmate scoring 42 percent of the vote against the incumbent POTUS in last week’s West Virginia primary, there must be a delicious scent of mischief in the air among discontent Natural State Democrats. There is nothing more electrifying than toppling a heavyweight champion or a cocky incumbent.

Mr. Obama is narrowly leading an unknown gadfly candidate called John Wolfe 45-37 in the May 18 primary. Mr. Wolfe has no money and hasn’t run a single ad, yet he finds himself in striking distance of upsetting a sitting president. The President almost certainly carries Arkansas  — it’s really tough to take down an organized state party get-out-the-vote operation — but expect it to get closer in the next two days. Underdog stories like this one have gigantic legs and the sheer giddiness of a David vs. Goliath effort can become contagious. 

The thing to watch is whether Mr. Obama is forced to make a quick campaign stop in Arkansas or to send in a surrogate like Bill Clinton. If he is, the media will have a field day with it. But not as much as if he loses.  A May surprise. What fun!


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  1. “Unknown gadfly” John Wolfe actually has something to say but amazing to see how the Democratic National Party and the media have shut him up and shut him out- so I did send him your recent video about how Big Media does not report anything that goes against the POTUS. You noticed the big stories on Keith Judd but you take a credible candidate like Wolfe and watch how they bury the story. It will become more interesting with Texas though because I watch his web stats and about 50% of ALL hits coming from Texas.
    The DNC has “some xplaining” to do too as they strip all these delegates earned in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas. I love your show, so does John–I hope you can cover some of this if you’re allowed.

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