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Only in New York

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 16•12

It’s amazing that San Francisco, the city that sought to ban circumcision and Happy Meals in the same year, hasn’t thought of this first.

The New York City Council is now pressing a law to force cab drivers to become anti-prostitution counselors. You read that right.  City cabbies, under this new measure, would be required to take a class to counsel purveyors of the world’s oldest profession before those drivers can receive their hack licenses.

The New York Post’s Jen Fermino breaks the story today:

The course — designed to help hacks ID prostitutes and tell them about available resources — would be mandatory for anyone applying for a TLC license, according to a bill expected to soon pass the City Council. Mayor Bloomberg said he would sign the bill, which requires the city to design and update the course regularly.

It’s unclear if the $2.2 million price would be footed by the cash-strapped city, or if the fleet owners would shoulder some costs.

Two points a.) They can’t be serious, and b.) They can’t be serious. What’s next?  Alcoholism counseling? Spiritual advisement. Or maybe psychiatric help for an extra nickel on the meter. 

More and more I’m beginning to believe that legislatures should meet for no more than one week a year. 

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