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The Ignored War

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - May• 21•12

More than 47,000 people have been murdered in the six-year-old drug war going on just south of our border in Mexico, many of them gruesomely.  The number of Mexicans shot, hanged, and beheaded is on pace with the number of Americans killed in action in the Viet Nam War. More than 58,000 Americans were killed in Viet Nam in a 10-year period between the mid-1960’s and mid-1970’s.  Yet the situation in Mexico gets nary a mention in U.S. national politics. 

Americans did not place the ropes around the necks of the nine men and women found hung from an overpass in Nuevo Laredo earlier this month.  Nor did they decapitate the 32 Mexicans found in two separate incidents in May. But the insatiable appetite for drugs among a small minority of Americans directly led to their deaths. 

Mexico is not facing a civil war. Mexico is in a civil war.  And drug trafficking to America is its cause. The issue likely doesn’t cause a blip in American political polling — people vote on issues close to home — but that doesn’t mean Americans shouldn’t be actively discussing the crisis.  We have a moral obligation to at least do that.

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