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Written By: Bill Lalor - Jul• 02•12

It is a pleasure and an honor to be writing in this space alongside my friend Bill O’Reilly.  For me, this opportunity is reminiscent of those uniquely “baseball” moments when the minor leaguer is hurried up to the big leagues to fill a roster spot and finds himself playing ball alongside superstars he’s admired since he can remember.  Now that I’m going on 38 years old (yikes), I’m beginning to think my lifelong plan to be the Centerfielder for the New York Yankees may be in jeopardy.  But that’s all right.  I’ve admired Bill for a long time as a true professional and a great writer and because he’s one of the true and few “good guys” in his field.  It’s great to be writing here.   And I’d love to hear your comments, insults, whatever!

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