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Welcome, Bill Lalor

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 02•12

William J. Lalor

A friend and fellow scribe, Bill Lalor, has agreed to write some columns f0r this site, which is a much-welcome development to all parties involved I’m sure — save Bill perhaps.  Bill is a lawyer in New York City. He’s been dipping his toes in the political and writing waters for years but has never jumped in past his neck. He always goes back to his day job.  Bill and his wife Jennifer live in Westchester County.  They have two children, Evan Thomas and Katelyn Zoey.  His favorite writers include Mark Steyn, baseball writer Roger Kahn, and Eric Carle.  Bill tells me that he’s interested in offering perspectives of another overworked and harried suburban dad and commuter.

 Welcome aboard, Bill!

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