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The Power Mad UN

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Jul• 06•12

The United Nation thinks it has the right to impose an income tax on the residents of sovereign nations. The audacity of that belief is chilling.  The UN is the most bureaucratic,  ineffective, and institutionally corrupt legislative body in world history. Can anyone imagine what type of precedent that would set.

The UN is following the rhetorical model of the American Left in targeting the planet’s richest people for this special world tax. Only billionaires, they say, would have to pay it — for now. Once it became re-distributor in chief, though, anything would go. People across the globe would have to report their income to the world body, of course, and, presumably, the UN would gain the authority to punish those hiding income. 

This type of thinking in Kips Bay will ensure the world body’s eventual demise. It would otherwise ensure the demise of the free world. Every candidate running for public office today should clearly answer how he or she feels about this power-grabbing proposal. 

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