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Boston Market Unsalted

Written By: William F. B. O'Reilly - Aug• 21•12

Boston Market announced today that is pulling salt shakers from the tables of its 476 locations. Instead, it will have a solitary shaker near where napkins and cutlery are kept. 

I’ve been super critical of New York City’s nanny-state policies, but in this case, good for Boston Market — if that’s what it wants to do. 

I’ll be the first one fighting for that shaker at the condiment table, but it’s my choice whether to go to the restaurant chain or not. If I found their desalinization project overly odious, I’d skip dining there.  But I don’t. So I’ll have to live by Boston Market’s rules.  It is, after all, a private business that should be able to create its own rules and menu items.

Boston Market clearly decided to make a big deal about salt because it believes, by associating with modern health trends, it will attract more customers.  No one had to force Boston Market to take action. The bottom line takes care of that in a free market. 

But still, in  city after city, over-reaching governments are trying to force the hands of private businesses to change what food they offer customers. How about giving customers what they want? 

And in this case, Boston Market, has determined they want less sodium. 


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